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Jeffrey S. Nawrocki

Jeffrey S. Nawrocki

P.E. – President

Jeff graduated from the University of NH in 1982 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and has been practicing engineering since. After working in the precast industry for five years designing and constructing bridges, parking garages, and buildings, Jeff started the company in 1987 to develop a diversified engineering practice. Jeff is licensed in NH, MA, ME, CT, RI, NJ, VT & TN

603-433-8639 ext. 206

email: jeff(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4889

Hossein Salehkhou

Hossein Salehkhou

P.E. – Vice President

After receiving a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University, Hossein obtained a M.S. degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from University of NH in 1983. Since joining JSN in 1996, his professional area of emphasis has been structural design of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Hossein is licensed in NH, MA, ME, NY, GA & PA

603-433-8639 ext.205

email: hossein(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4890

Roger Brown

LEED AP– Project Designer

Roger has been Project Designer with JSN since 1990.

603-433-8639 ext. 208

email: roger(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4891

Matthew Allen

P.E. – Senior Structural Engineer

Matt has been with JSN since June of 1995 and earned his professional license in April 2000. Matt is licensed in both NH and MA.

603-433-8639 ext. 203

email: matt(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4892

Cindy Senecal

P.E. – Senior Structural Engineer

Cindy joined JSN in October 2006 and earned her professional license in October 2009.

603-433-8639 ext. 212

email: cindy(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4893

Chuck Tinkham

P.E. – Senior Structural Engineer

Chuck earned his professional license in April of 2012 and joined JSN in May of 2012.

603-433-8639 ext. 210

email: chuck(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4894

Eric Lorvig

Structural Engineer

Eric joined JSN in December of 2015.

603-433-8639 ext. 209

email: Eric(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4895


Jacob Pouliot

E.I.T. Project Engineer

Jacob joined the team at JSN in January 2016

603-433-8639 ext. 214

email: jacob(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4896


Charlie Bardwell

E.I.T. Staff Engineer

Charlie joined JSN in
February 2018.

603-433-8639 ext. 213

email: Charlie(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4899


Daniel Yaeger

Staff Engineer

Daniel joined JSN in
August 2017.

603-433-8639 ext. 202

email: Daniel(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603 766-4897

Lisa Rohr

Office Manager

Lisa joined the team at JSN in January 2004

603-433-8639 ext. 201

email: lisa(at)jsneng.com

Direct Line (603) 766-4888



Mary Hansen-Nawrocki


Mary has been with JSN since 1993.

603-433-8639 ext. 0

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Fax: 603-431-2811

1 Autumn Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

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